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NWA Wildside Tribute page

Welcome to the home of the NWA Wildside Tribute page! NWA Wildside has some of the best wrestling talent in the nation, hands down. Come to Cornelia, Georgia, or watch the show to see it for yourself! Here you will find pictures, bios, entrance music, columns, and episode reviews. If you have any pictures for this website, please feel free to email them to us (our emails are below), and we'll post them and give you credit!
February 22 - OK, yeah, we know. We're working on it. Pages will be re-linked as they're re-worked.

Previous show results - for the 2/21 TV taping
Current Roster:
Mikal Adryan
Jeff G. Bailey
Carolina Connection (Brandon P and Jeremy V)
Caprice Coleman
Jason Cross
Seth DeLay
Fast Eddy - NWA Wildside Junior Heavyweight Champion
Skeeter Frost
Al Getz
The God Squad (Altar Boy Luke and Gabriel)
Ray Gordy
"Nitro" Nick Halen
Jeff Lewis
Murder 1
Jacey North
Onyx - NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champion
Bulldog Raines
Salvatore Rinauro
Slim J
Texas Death Club (Masada and Todd Sexton) - NWA Wildside Tag Team Champions
Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis and Shadow Jackson)
Scotty Wrenn

NWA Wildside's official homepage
The Smart Marks (they've done many interviews with Wildside stars)
Bravenet, host of the webpage and the message board, who gave us the free counter

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